Thursday, December 8, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Y: Plain or Netphone Edition?

Samsung Galaxy Y Netphone Edition

The Samsung Galaxy Y is Samsung’s latest most affordable Android phone (Php5,990) which is suitable for those who want to switch to a smartphone and get more features out of their phone.

For the unitiated, the Y on Galaxy Y means “Young” and the younger generation will have a blast when they change their feature phones in favor of this Android smartphone. Games and apps are aplenty, social networking is a given, e-mail and web browsing is easy, 3G, WiFi and even WiFi internet sharing is possible.

However, there are two versions of the Samsung Galaxy Y, the plain one and the Netphone Edition which is exclusive to Smart subscribers. And now you’re wondering, should you get an unlocked unit or try Smart’s Netphone service?

Here are three reasons why you would want to go with the Netphone Edition of the Samsung Galaxy Y:

1. Free Facebook and Twitter updates. Don’t ask me why Smart is doing this but with only a peso balance, you can check and update your Facebook and Twitter status all the time for free as long as you’re connected to Smart’s SmartNet platform. Don’t worry, when you first turn on your phone you will be asked to create a SmartNet account which is also free.

2. Free Yahoo! and Facebook chat. Don’t want to waste your precious load texting somebody? With the same 1-peso load balance, you can access your Yahoo! and Facebook friends and message them… anytime! Now you can be mobile and chat with your friends from abroad using your phone without spending for data charges or looking for a WiFi spot.

3. Future developments. SmartNet is fairly new and there’s still a lot of improvements Smart is planning for it. I know somebody from the development team inside who told me that they’re thinking of doing free VoIP for SmartNet users. Know what that means? Free calls with your friends and family who also own a Netphone!

There are a lot of other features a Netphone can give you over an ordinary Android phone and you might want to visit Smart’s Netphone page to learn more. You know you want to. Or you can go Like Smart Netphone’s Facebook Page.

The only reason I can think of why you don’t want to go with a Netphone is because you don’t want to switch to another carrier.



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