Tuesday, December 20, 2011

SD Fighter 2 for Android [Apk]

  • Size: 6287 kb
  • Requirements: 2.2,2.3
  • The shared app has been tested on firmware: 2.2
*If the downloaded file is in .zip format, rename its extension to .apk

Through a long period of time, such as deterioration of yujeobun SD Fighter 2 came out in support
12 characters can be selected depending on the user's preference arcade mode, you can play war mode selection of two and to practice through the menu is enough to watch practice.Anyway, please enjoy the fun.

Recent changes:
12/04/2011 pad types can be changed in Options

03.12.2011 Survival mode gameplay changes, technology, modify it to be activated

02/12/2011 added survival mode, additional ranking features

Game speed turbo mode option added 01.12.2011
2 Enter skills more easily modify the command to exercise check on the menu

29.11.2011 a lot slower part of the game was hard to modify the
Latest version: 1.7(for Android version 2.1 and higher, supports App2SD)


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