Thursday, January 26, 2012

TUTORIAL: Jbed Lets You Run Java Apps on Galaxy Y On Your Android Smartphone

Disclaimer:  SGY Love will not be responsible nor liable for any damage that might happen to your device during this process though the possibility of any damage is negligible. Try this at your own risk. This process has been tested and verified working on Samsung Galaxy Y.

Jbed is an android application that helps android smartphone users use/run java J2ME based applications on their android powered smartphones. So, if you have got an Android Smartphone and want to run your favorite java apps from your old Nokia phone then this is the perfect app for you. Since, android doesn't have direct support for java based (jar) applications or games this app acts as an interface between java apps and android system and helps you run J2ME games and apps on your android smartphone.

So, without any delay grab the apk file from below and install it on your android powered smartphone. Also, if you are comfortable with flashable zip then you can download it and flash it in your recovery (press home + power button to go to recovery). 

Here are some screenshots of Jbed app on my Samsung Galaxy Pop GT-S5570 running Cyanogen Mod 7 on it.
After I flashed in CWM recovery you can see I got Java app on my App Drawer.
Some Java Midlets from My Brother's Nokia 5310 XpressMusic phone.

Thesaurus app running with the help of Jbed. Please note that due to lack of keypad this wasn't working fully on my touchscreen smartphone.
I swyped this text on my touchscreen based android smartphone in a VML Editor Java app (Midlet) that was also for Nokia phone.

So, now that you have got the app required to play java games/apps on your smartphonemake sure you get yourself some jar files. You can download some from below sites or find yourself some other site that works well. Also, note that Jbed will show you fuzzy screen when you run java midlets in portriat mode. So, make sure you run all Java apps (or J2ME Midlets) in Landscape mode for clear display.

That's all about Jbed - An android application that let you run java apps or play java games on your android smartphone. I don't guarantee that Jbed works well for you or not. So, I am not to be blamed if it doesn't. If you have more queries please ask them in the comments below. Also, if  Jbed works for you very nice and well then.


  1. when JBED runs on Galaxy Y, most midlets give a corrupted screen and don't work.

  2. just Enable "Screen Rotation" from STATUS bar .. and :) enjoy.. with LANDSCAPE mode only

  3. mine is not working.. cant figure it out whats the problem..

  4. how do you remove it?!

  5. for those who wants to remove flashed jbed just use(root uninstaller.apk) to remove rooted jbed hope it helps...


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