Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some Tips To Extend The Battery Life of Your Android Smartphone

Battery Life is the most critical factor/element of any portable devices and smartphones are no exception to the fact.  While manufactures have been trying hard to improve the battery life of the smartphones, due to their rapid release cycle of new devices and many other factors they battery is not improved improved significantly. So, today in this post I will be talking in details about how you can extend/improve the standby time of your battery. I will share with you some tips/tricks that might just help you extend your smartphone's battery life.

So,lets get to the points. Please read through carefully and I'm sure with all these simple tricks or tips you will be able to extend the life of your battery in any of your android powered smartphones.

1. Don't Use Live Desktop Wallpapers : Live wallpapers are flash like animations that you can see on your home screen (or desktop). While they might make your android smartphone look cool, they also contribute to reduce your battery life/performance. So, if you want to increase your battery life I suggest you turn off the live wallpaper and replace it with a normal wallpaper which uses much less power.

2. Turn Off Your WiFi When Not In Use : Wifi another features that let's your smartphone to connect to the world wide web is among the major battery life killer. Though it's not possible to completely stop using wifi, you can at least turn it off when you are not using it. You can do this manually or let your smarrtphone do it for you. Infact, your android smartphone is smart enough to detect when you are not using your device and can automatically turn off the wifi in such situation. It' called Wifi Sleep Policy feature and is accessible in SEttings>>Wireless and Networks>>Wifi Settings>>Advance Menu>>Wifi Sleep Policy. Just select the option When screen turns off to turn off Wifi and switch to mobile data.

3. Keep Your Homescreens Clean : Homescreen are the desktops of android smartphone and unlike Windows (where you find a single desktop) you can find many home screens on Android. Loading all these home screen and their components (like widgets, application shortcuts, etc) and keeping them presistent in system requires a lot a RAM as well as considerable power. So, what you can do to increase your battery performace is reduce the use of widgets and application shortcuts in the home screen. Also, it is better to reduce to number of home screen to 3 or below (as applicable). Instead of keeping many icons floating in home screens you can make use of folder which uses less space and consumes (slightly) less amount of power.

4. Do Not Use External Launchers or Themes : The laucher built into smartphone by default (for example: Samsung's TouchWiz ) are optimized to consume less power as well as are hardware accelerated; they have close integration with the hardware of your device. Making use of external laucher can be a waste of your battery life as well as more load to your device's RAM. So, is the case with themes, they might make your device look better but have negative effect on your battery life. So, it's better to remove them from your system. However, if you are not satisfied with default laucher then try searching for a lightweight laucher (there are many in market) and use it.

5. Reduce Your Screen Brightness : Screen Brightness is another factor that affects your samrtphone's battery life. Reduce it to a more lower value than the default (100%) as per your perference and easiness. I usually set my brightness to zero (0). This value is fine (and I can see things clelarly) on my phone when I am inside, but, with that value I can't see anything on my screen when I am out in sunlight. So, I usually make use of the status bar brightness control feature found on Status Bar Tweaks settings in Cyanogen Mod 7 Rom. However, this feature is not available in stock roms. For such roms set a power control widget which has brightness toggle from where you can set brightness as required.

These were some simple tips and tricks to prolong the battery life of your android smart phone. If you even try some of the above methods, I am sure you can see quite an improvement in your battery life. These were some tricks I follow to extend my battery life. What types of tips and tricks do you use to improve your battery performance? Want to share you secret with the world? Feel free to tell us though the comments below. P.S. This article is not completed and I will be adding more information to it later (after hearing from you).


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