Thursday, March 22, 2012

Top BitTorrent clients For Android Phones

Most of internet users use torrents to download files such as music, games, movies, softwares etc. from internet. As it is a best way to download files, it is no longer remain available for desktop PCs. as Android is being the most popular smartphones' base, there are many torrent clients available in Android market so its obvious and quite confusing to use the best torrent client app from android market, so here i bring the list of best bittorret clients for Android phones. Have a look below.

tTorrentLite is my favorite BitTorrent app for Android phones and i am using this so i'll recomment this app for you. tTorrentLite is one of the most used torrent client for Android which allows you to enjoy downloading on your Android based devices. Similar to Windows torrent client, it has all the features like
  • multiple torrent downloading support
  • torrent search integration
  • selection of files in torrents(if you chose not to download all files in a torrent)
  • web integration
  • ability to limit download/upload limit
  • supports WI – FI only mode
  • Works with Android versions 1.6 and above, this app can be downloaded from Android Market.
Download this app from android market HERE 

uTorrent Remote

uTorrent Remote is clean, sleek, simple to use, and is feature-rich: check the staus of your downloads; add, pause or remove downloads on your computer; and update and add torrents from RSS subscriptions. The main feature of uTorrent Remote worth mentioning is the ability to transfer, save and play any completed file from your PC right to your Android phone! 
Download this app from android market HERE
aDownloader Android app gives you the quick torrent downloading experience. aDownloader is a native bit torrent downloader for Android phones. Downloading torrent using aDownloader is easy, users just have to long press the download link, then select “Share Link”, followed by the selection of aDownloader to start downloading. User can also add torrents from SD card. Much appreciated Android app by the users over the paid one`s too. Works with Android versions 1.6 and above. 
Download this app from android market HERE

Transdroid gives you complete control over individual torrents: users can pause, stop, remove, label, throttle, and prioritize just as they would with their desktop client. The best part about Transdroid is that you enter the RSS feeds of your favorite private (or public trackers) and download content on the go. Download this app HERE
aBTC is a full-featured BitTorrent client for Android. The app features an in-app search functionality that lets you find content instantly. aBTC also includes support for DHT as well as the ability to download files while sleeping. As compared to other torrent apps, this one hasn't got many good reviews. So, make sure you try out the other ones first.  
Download this app from android market HERE


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