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10 Free Android Anti-virus for your Galaxy Y Part 2

 10 Free Android Anti-virus for your Galaxy Y

Fear of losing important data we have stored in our laptops and PCs forces us to secure our systems with anti-virus. But, I wondered how many are actually bothered about securing their mobile data? I being a geeky freak have innumerable data, photos,  texts and contact numbers.

Mobile viruses are not so common and Google claims that there's no virus/malwares found on android since 2011. But you cant take the fact that the rising popularity of Android certainly makes them a big target. Why take the risk when technology has so much to offer that too free. Here's the 2nd part of the 10 most popular anti-virus for Samsung Galaxy Y that I have listed down . Check them out and pick one for your phone to keep it safe and secured.

Norton Antivirus & SecurityNorton Mobile Security Lite (24,809 downloads)

Norton Antivirus & Security
Security, antivirus, anti-theft protection that won't slow your Android down. Norton™ Mobile Security Lite protects your mobile device against loss, theft and malware. Norton lends its anti-malware, anti virus, and security expertise to mobile. Your life and your important Stuff is on your phone. Keep it safe with Norton™ Mobile Security Lite for Android. FREE ANTI-MALWARE PROTECTION that eliminates viruses and malware before they infect your phone. 
ALYac Android is an Android OS-Optimized antivirus application featuring the advanced security features of ALYac, The most popular free antivirus application in Korea. On top of standard antivirus protection, ALYac Android offers package safety rating, spam management, and Application management features for safer and more convenient smartphone use.
Download: ALYac Android

NQ Mobile Security & AntivirusNQ Mobile Security & Antivirus (29,181 downloads)

NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus 
Protect your phone with the West Coast Labs certified NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus, Remove Malware, Spyware & Viruses and Stay Away from Phone Hacking. Download for FREE now! Protect your android phone and tablet with NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus from viruses, malware, spyware, trojans and phone hacking. Download NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus for FREE Antivirus, privacy protection, phone locator, data backup, safe browsing, traffic monitoring and safe apps recommendations for your Samsung Galaxy, HTC Desire, HTC Evo, LG Optimus, Motorola Droid, Milestone, Huawei etc.
Mobile Security & AntivirusBitdefender Mobile Security  & AV (3,096 downloads)

Mobile Security & Antivirus
Enjoy your device. We keep it safe. Protect your phone from viruses and save your battery life with Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus. Because your smartphone is no good if you can't use it. Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus makes sure your phone is secure and your privacy protected. The application, which taps Bitdefender’s decade of award winning experience fighting electronic threats, offers a robust defense against invasion of privacy, viruses and theft while saving battery power for its core purpose.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite
Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite delivers essential anti-theft defense, allowing you to block, wipe or find your missing phone. You can also easily filter unwanted SMS texts and calls. Plus, Anti-Virus Lite with cloud-based security scanner alerts you to potentially malicious apps before they can harm your phone. ANTI-VIRUS LITE: Alerts you to potentially malicious apps before they can harm your phone. ANTI-THEFT PROTECTION: Remotely block, wipe or find your phone if it is lost or stolen. CALL & SMS FILTER: Blocks unwanted calls and SMS texts

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