Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Best Browsers for Android Smartphones

Skyfire Web Browser 4.0Firefox
Opera Mobile web browserDolphin Browser® HD

Android Gingerbread comes with a generic stock browser which may satisfy some but if you are really serious about surfing the web and are constantly loading up your browser for searches then you would want a browser with much more user-friendly options

The stock browser gets the job done, but Android users have so many more options that are even faster, lighter, stronger, smarter—whatever superlative you seek, really—than the stock browser. Whether you want to customize a gesture-based command, block mobile ads with a plug-in, or shrink your bandwidth consumption by 90 percent, there's an alternative mobile browser for you.
Dolphin Browser HD
This is the most popular browser for Android platform. It offers the most plug-ins in a user-friendly versatile interface. It also offers many features you cannot find on any other browser, such as gesture commands, bookmark sorting, RSS feed factor, multi-touch pinch zoom and compact page toggles.

Download via Google Play

Opera Mobile web browser

Opera Mobile
Opera’s rendering engine and server-side compression enables web pages to load faster on your mobile device.  It has a speed dial function which lists all your favorite sites on one page making it easier to go to where you want faster. You can have several websites open at the same time and be able to switch easily between them using Opera tab feature. Opera also has aurl auto completion feature which allows you to effortlessly enter addresses of URL’s with Opera guessing the entire URL before you finish typing its address.

Download via Google Play

Opera Mini web browser

Dolphin Mini is the slimmer, faster version of Dolphin HD, purportedly taking up far less bandwidth. Plus it only requires Android 1.6 and up as opposed to Android 2.0.1 and up for its full-fledged sibling. It's a speed demon too, although Opera Mini (see below) loads non-JavaScript pages faster. Dolphin Mini also skimps a bit on performance, especially for Flash content. 

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Sync your mobile Android device with your desktop or laptop effortlessly. You can easily access your browsing history along with passwords, bookmarks and open tabs on all your in sync devices. Firefox awesome screen remembers your favorite sites, history and browsing habits so that it can offer shortcuts to get you where you want to go faster. Firefox gives you the ability to have multiple search engines listed so that when you search you can have the option of searching on multiple engines at once.

Download via Google Play

Sky Fire Web Browser
Similar to the Opera mobile,  it renders web pages on its own servers which loads websites very fast.  Sky fire features include user agent switching, Facebook QuickView, fireplace reader, popular pages, related ideas, Skybar shortcuts, Twitter QuickView and much more.  Sky fire's main objective is to combine social networking with its browser engine which they have done very successfully.

Download via Google Play

All of the browsers listed above are great and hundred times better than the stock browser that comes with Gingerbread. Feel free to test each to see which one you like most. All the browser apps are free to install and available via Google Play.


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