Sunday, April 22, 2012

Concise Oxford Thesaurus Full (Offline Install) for Android [Apk]

Concise Oxford Thesaurus Full
Concise Oxford Thesaurus Full (Offline Install) for Android [Apk]

This Concise Oxford Thesaurus is ideal for helping you pinpoint exactly the right word, whether you are writing a letter, preparing a report, composing an essay, writing creatively, or solving a crossword. Over 365,000 alternative words cover everyday vocabulary as well as more unusual and specialist words, and there is clear labelling of informal, dialect, literary, and technical items. Other useful features include thousands of example phrases helping you to select the correct word, and opposites and related terms clearly marked.

In addition, over 400 boxed noun lists provide a wealth of information on a wide variety of subjects, from alloys and artists to wines and worms.

The Concise Oxford Thesaurus is utilized by MSDict Viewer. 
MSDict offers best experience in mobile reference and is available for any handheld platform.
Quick dynamic search of words while you type
Transcriptions facilitating pronunciation
Hyperlinks between different related words
History to see the last 50 words you have looked up
Support for memory cards

Readme.txt file included for installation.

The archive contains a keygen that may be detected by your anti-virus as a trojan.
You can run it "sandboxed" on your pc or use another pc to run the keygen.
afaik, keygens return a false-positive and are fairly harmless. 

Follow the instructions carefully.
1. Create a folder "Mobile Systems" (without quotations) in your SD Card (main directory). Ignore if the folder already exists.
2. Copy the folder "com.mobisystems.msdict.embedded.wireless.oxford.c ot" from Databases to SDCard/Mobile Systems.
3. Install the "Concise Oxford Thesaurus" from Application folder.
4. At first run it will ask you where to download files. Choose SDCard.
Don't worry it won't download anything. Coz you've already got all the databases in the SD Card.
5. It will ask you whether you want to unlock the app.
6. Click Unlock.
7. Run the keygen from keygen folder.
8. Scroll Down to "MSDict Concise Oxford Thesaurus v4.10".
9. Enter your phone "IMEI".
10. Press Generate and enter the generated code in the phone app.


  1. awesome. thanks. but user interface is not as attractive as java version of the thesaurus
    also there is not voice pronunciation option as seen in above pic

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