Sunday, April 8, 2012

Custom Boot Animation for Galaxy Y (240 x 320)

simple: DOWNLOAD HERE                  nexus: DOWNLOAD HERE

How to Install Custom Boot Animation on Stock ROM?
Download these two files from here... Extract it to your sdcard...
Now using Root explorer copy the two downloaded files to 'system/bin'...
make sure you Mount the system as r/w...
After the prev step, copy the file to 'system/media'... reboot and enjoy...

How to Install Custom Boot Animation in Custom ROM?
just copy the file to 'system/media'...
If it aint work follow the stock rom procedure...
Note: you should rename '' to ''

Another method of Custom Boot Animation installation
Download 'Boot Animation Installer' from market... and install through it...

Detailed Custom Boot Animation installation[tutorial with screenies]
visit my samsung galaxy y

Abstract 1 - Preview - Download

Abstract 2 - Preview - Download

Abstract 3 - Preview - Download

Android Circle - Preview - Download

Android ASCII - Preview - Download

Android Loading - Preview - Download

Aurora - Preview - Download

Bios - Preview - Download

Black Skull - Preview - Download

Butterflies - Preview - Download

Cheetah - Preview - Download

CynogenMod 7 Nightly - Preview - Download

Call of Duty Loading - Preview - Download

Crysis EA Logo - Preview - Download

Decepticon Loading - Preview - Download

Google Loading - Preview - Download

Nexus - Preview - Download

Scribble - Preview - Download

Simply Loading - Preview - Download

QVGA - Preview - Download

Windows 7 Booting - Preview - Download

source: xda-developers and mysamsunggalaxyy


  1. Really bad choice of file host.

    I tried downloading one of the files at least 15 times. Never got through.

    Should've used Mediafire or Rapidshare.

  2. Thanks, is OK. but can't change shutdown animation. i hate .qmg. how can i change as and also can't add shutdown sound.

  3. how to change custom shutdown animation as .zip? (not .qmg)


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