Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MiLocker for Android [Apk]


MiLocker for Android [Apk]

MiLocker, the most powerful unlock screen App.
Want side-slip? Vertical slip? Multiple points? Animation unlocking? Do whatever you want to change your lockscreen style.
Based on MIUI technology, also has the world’s leading lockscreen theme library as well as talented designer users.Whether you are a designer or a mobile player, nothing but your imagination limits you.

1)Download and Install the app...
2)Go to Online Themes section in the app and download and apply whatever lockscreens you want... All lockscreens are free...

Warning: Some of the Lock-screens are for HDPI and WDPI devices... So if you Struck at some Lockscreens... Press and Hold this Key combination(Volume Up + Back Button) for two seconds and then release it..

Via Google Play MIlocker

Download MIlocker



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