Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pokemon Light Platinum for Android [Gameboid]

*. Creator : WesleyFG

*. ROM Base : Pokemon Ruby (U)

*. Language : Portuguese - Complete

*. Language : English - Release Date : March - April

*. New Tiles

*. New Sprites

*. New Story
*. New Continents

*. Event : Pokemon World Championship

*. New Heroes

*. New Scripts

*. New Graphics

*. New Elite Four

*. New Gym Leaders

*. Missions

*. Side Quests

*. Mini Games

*. Known bugs were already fixed.


  1. Whats special abour this version? Whats different that stands out and will make me play it instead of the normal platinum

  2. Are there any cheats for this? i am up to a certain bit and am blocked by an ivisible wall and would like to keep playing?

  3. Wheres the Town Map?
    I have just started and cannot find it anywhere


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