Sunday, April 8, 2012

TUTORIAL: How to Install Adobe Flash 11 on Galaxy Y

Everyone wants to see YouTube videos any other Flash content in their Galaxy Y. Most of them were disappointed because they couldn't get the solution. Here's a tutorial on how to make it work on your android phone.


- UC browser 8
- Flash


  1. Download Adobe Flash Player v11.0.1.153 armv6 
  2. Download UC Browser 
  3. Install Adobe Flash Player 11(Restart your Phone). 
  4. Install UC Browser
  5. Adjust the settings of the UC browser, allow flash content and make the default browsing to PC mode or full mode

Video Tutorial:
by EdendroidChannel

This video discusses on how to get flash player 11 on any armv6 phones such as Galaxy Mini, Y, Fit, etc.

Note: If you play a video (for example on Youtube) the performance of the video and even the entire browser will experience a bit of lag. It's very irritating but at least you can still watch flash videos on your Galaxy Y. And it will get some improvements as the time pass and get more updates about the flash. Also the flash is not working on Opera mini/mobile, Dolphin Browser and the standard Internet browser of the phone. Only working on UC browser 8

Alternate: link1 Φ link2

Download: UC Browser
Alternate: UC Browser


  1. There are many Android phones that wont allow playing flash content, in such cases you need to install Adobe Flash to make them work.
    Here is how you can install Adobe Flash 11 in Android mobiles, have a look

  2. Thank you very much.

  3. Y other brwsrs nt suprt for flash videos?


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