Saturday, May 26, 2012

Show Me Your Party Poker Face


Poker is one of the most popular games in the world, and online poker has revolutionized how the game is played. Online poker is a manna from heaven. Forget about the traffic, congestion, and utter absence of regular games, of course. Just log in, deposit, and play. There. Done. 

This has been around in one form or another since the early days, and is extremely popular in many countries today. In fact, there are strong players who are actually able to make a living just by playing online poker. This became possible because poker is a game of skill.

Online poker is quickly growing more and more popular in Philippines. From celebrities, wealthy yuppies,to politicians, and even the regular Juan dela Cruz was captured by the lavish and exciting plays on the online world. Pinoy poker players looking for more variety in playing online poker use international poker websites hosted in other countries. The government naturally does not like this, because they have control over the only legal online poker site in the Philippines. But fortunately for Filipino poker fans, these international sites are hosted in countries where the Filipino government has no jurisdiction, the government can't do much to prevent players from using them.

Being a poker fanatic myself, I've tried so many games of poker on my Galaxy Y and my PC, be it a mini games for pc, a free Facebook poker games or sometimes betting with my friend's poker games. But partypoker changed the game not just for me, but also my circle of friends who equally love the game.

Partypoker is one of the leading online poker rooms in the world and the world's largest poker site since 2001, with great player volume in both cash games and tournaments. The software is highly functional, blazing fast, reliable and free of problems or disconnections. Providing players with a sense of community among other players and a place where they feel safe, secure, and comfortable while playing the game. Real-money player statistics as of May 2012 show 9500 ring-game players and 60000 tournament players during peak hours.

Their how to play tab which consist of poker school and trainers were amusingly useful for newbies and even for the regular players who want to improve their game.Aside from poker, they also offer casino's, backgammon, bingo among others that will surely entertain you to the fullest.

Partypoker offers great promotions, large tournaments and prizes that will make you salivate and crave for more. You can even earn if you invite your friends to join the fun. So just sit back, take a sip of your favorite drink and lets partypoker!!

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