Saturday, June 30, 2012

3 Must-Have Online Tools for Entrepreneurs 
3 Must-Have Online Tools for Entrepreneurs

Running a business has become almost synonymous with being efficient. However, being efficient may sometimes mean having to spend more on tools and processes, something which small businesses and startups may be ill able to afford with their limited amount of capital. Still, with the advent of online tools, such as those listed below, that help these types of businesses operate more efficiently at a lower cost, small business owners can now look to gaining more edge in what can sometimes be a very competitive marketplace.
Having a good business name is essential to capturing customers and creating a niche for yourself in the marketplace, especially in industries or business lines that tend to get pretty “saturated.” A good name can, in and of itself, function as an advertisement if it is catchy, relevant, unique and easy-to-remember, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars on advertising campaigns and promotional strategies if the name you so choose happens to be counter-intuitive.

One other way to save is by having a service provider like that can help you out with choosing a business name or even a company slogan. It has been around quite a bit, since 2007, and has over 50,000 contributors, providing the base for crowdsourcing which generates a ton of ideas designed for this particular purpose. The first thing you need to do is sign up as a client and pay the $50 downpayment ($75 if it's for a company slogan) and submit your list of naming specifications. It's practically a risk-free service as clients are entitled to a refund if they do not find anything from the idea pool that fits their naming needs.

2. Bitrix24.comClear-cut task organization, easily accessible information and smooth intracompany communications – these are some of the things that create a well-run and efficient business. But while efficiency can help business owners save up a lot of cash, small business owners and startups may find their savings needing to go to high-cost tools such as CRMs in order to maintain this efficiency, defeating the purpose of choosing to utilize these tools in the first place.

As complex as it may seem, an online tool such as can help simplify company organization matters while still keeping costs low. The service is essentially free, particularly for startups with a maximum of 12 people in the company. An upgrade of $99 per month is available for those with more people, without any need for additional costs for additional users. The service includes a wide range of functionality ranging from an activity planner, calendar, messaging and real-time streaming, naming just a few.

3. JetRadar.comYou may not know it, but competition among low-cost airlines nowadays has become so intense that most of them confine their best offers to their own corporate websites and partner third-party sites, leaving the consumer to go from one place to another to find the best airfare deal for his needs.

Now, if you're that disgruntled consumer, imagine not having to worry about scouring the Internet for airfare deals and prices. brings you data from 728 airlines, flight and ticketing sites with just a click. This is ideal for those who do business trips quite often. With JetRadar, you have a one-stop web address that gives you integrated data and a wider range of options as you travel, saving you both time and money.


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