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How To Openline Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Disclaimer: SGY Love will not be responsible nor liable for any damage that might happen to your device during this process though the possibility of any damage is negligible. Try this at your own risk. This process has been tested and verified working on Samsung Galaxy Y.

How To Openline Samsung Galaxy Y S5360
First thing to do is Rooting


What is Rooting?
Rooting is basically a process where the access to system level files is given to the third party custom ROMs or the files so that the required customization can be made. Only rooting makes it possible to customize the phone the way you want to. So, let’s proceed and check out the merits and demerits below.

Advantage of Rooting: 
  1. Rooting allows you to convert the current laggy file system of RFS to the faster EXT4 file system,
  2. It also allows you to remove the default applications which comes pre-loaded,
  3. It allows you to install the custom firmwares as well as the beta Stock ROMs from different country un officially.
Disadvantage of Rooting:
  1. If rooting process is not followed properly then you may even brick the device,
  2. Rooting voids the warranty, though can be regained by updating with the default firmware

Here's the procedure for rooting your Galaxy Y.
1. Download needed file (
2. Copy ZIP file to the root of your SD-card
3. Turn off your phone
4. Switch ON your device in the recovery Mode
(hold power, volume up, home button together).
5. Select update from SD Card option. (yung volume keys gamitin pang select)
6. You will see that the list of files will come from which you will have to select the file which is named as
7. Wait for a few seconds.
8. Congratulations! Your Galaxy Y S5360 should now be rooted

Now we can Openline your Samsung Galaxy

What is Galaxy ToolBox? for network unlock BCM21553 based Galaxy devices and apply Custom binary counter reset.
Also a good tool for backup EFS data for safety reasons (bml15 partition is equivalent with EFS folder of other devices)

Feature list
- Device Info on Lock states and Custom bin counter
- Save backup of /dev/bml15
- Restore /dev/bml15
- Unlock all four kind of locks: network lock, subnetwork lock, SP lock, CP lock
- Reset Custom binary download counter to zero

1.Download Galaxy Toolbox
2. Install the apk on your phone
3.Run Galaxy Toolbox
4. Tap the checkbox at the lower end and tap "Let me in"
5. On the main menu tap "backup bml15 partition" (it is important you create a back up of your bml15 so that you can restore it later if you want to relock to your default network for warranty purposes)

6. Tap "save" to save bml15

7. after creating a back up, go back to Galaxy Toolbox main menu and tap "Network unlock"

8. Lastly, tap "Unlock my Galaxy!"

Congratulations! Your Samsung Galaxy is now Openline =)


  • GT-S5360
  • GT-S5360B
  • GT-S5360L
  • GT-S5360T
  • GT-S5363
  • GT-S5369
  • GT-B5510
  • GT-B5510B
  • GT-B5510L
  • GT-S5570I
  • GT-S5830i
  • GT-S5830C
  • GT-S5830M
  • GT-S5839i


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